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Oct - Nov Game Dev Report (2022)

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

We're merging two months into one blog post because there was little to report on in October. Development is still a bit slow, but progress is still being made. There is little to show that is interesting, as we're still laying down the foundation for the game.

City Progress

The progress on the city is going well. We're slowly swapping out the placeholder boxes with buildings. We're currently planning a minimum of 70 buildings that the player can interact with in a meaningful way, so there is a lot of work to be done. There are 25/70 buildings that have been replaced so far and will be polished with signs, textures etc., later.

Plans for Character Customization

The concept art for new hairstyles is completed. We have 50 new hairstyle designs and other parts of the hair, broken up in three different ways to offer the player more options to customize their character. We're hoping to bring back hairstyles from Pumpkin Days as well and have them remodeled with the new character.


We're still working on those icons for items in the game super early. Like Pumpkin Days, we anticipate many items, so we're working on those early. There will be many food and snack items in the game, so we're working on those first.

Game Mechanics

We're not working on the game mechanics yet. The lead developer (myself, Momo) is currently learning programming and blueprints. As soon as I have a good grasp on how that works, then I can finally start building out the systems in the game. We're going to start with the core mechanic, which will be the manga-making, which will be exciting once we can get to that.


We've got the majority of the game music planned and paid for. We currently have 5 soundtracks for different times of the day, and we'll share the OST once the Kickstarter launches.

Thank you so much for your support and for following the super early development progress of Mangato! Consider joining our Discord to keep up with updates.

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noel pruett
noel pruett
Dec 14, 2022

Question will there be car or bikes now that it’s not a farm game?

Dec 14, 2022
Replying to

There will be bikes, maybe scooters, but no cars (just emergency vehicles).

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