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Mangato is our new game project in development. We plan to do a Kickstarter for funding late 2023

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Mangato is in early development and things may change


Game Features

Mangato: Life In Taiyokawa, is a cozy manga-ka life sim in the fictional solarpunk city of Taiyokawa. Manage your comics as well as your own manga magazine studio. When you're not crunching on your manga or meeting production deadlines, take a break and explore an open-world city. Do various activities to improve your skills as well as interact with NPCs whom you can befriend or romance.

Craft Manga Books

Gather recycled materials around the city to create manga books. Select from; shoujo (girl's manga), shonen (boy's manga), josei (adult women's manga) or seinen (adult men's manga) to pursue. By choosing the right themes for each chapter your manga will gain more fans and fame.


Manage A Manga Magazine

Along with writing your own manga, manage a magazine to compete for readers. Hire the manga artists you want to work at your studio. Keep them happy and give them everything they need in order to produce quality work. 


Mini Games Around The City

Explore and play minigames that are available at different locations around the city. The minigames tie back to how well you make your manga.


Story-Driven Quests

Quests will be carefully written specifically around the NPCs in the game and will serve to tell a compelling story about the different characters as you befriend them.


Dating and Character relationships

There are currently plans to have thirty to forty dateable characters. You can also form strong platonic bonds with characters as well. Get married or invite characters to be roommates.



Manage a small garden and harvest fresh vegetables to make fresh meals for yourself, manga staff, or friends.


Fish at the various canals around the city. You can sell or cook the fish for yourself, manga staff, or friends.



 There will be a variety of collectibles, that will give you bonuses when making your manga. Collectibles planned are different types of snacks, trading cards, items from gatchpon machines and more.

Festivals and Anime Conventions


Every season has a city-wide festival to partake in. Take NPCs out on dates or simply experience the novel activities and things to buy at these events.

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