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Mangato is our new game project in development. We plan to do a Kickstarter for funding late 2023

City Streets2.jpg

Solarpunk theme game

Solarpunk is a rarely used genre in most media including games. The game will feature a unique aesthetic which blend a beautiful cityscape with sustainable greenery and other eco-friendly solutions that aren't necessarily far-fetched sci-fi musings. Hopefully, this game will introduce people 

Unique Life Sim RPG Theme

Most life sim games revolve around farming or survival crafting. Mangato will feature a unique pursuit that has never been experienced before in other games. The idea and concept of making manga will feature a mostly new gameplay experience.

Polyamourous relationships

Since Pumpkin Days more games have adopted same-sex marriage and non-binary character options, however, as of writing there is yet to be a game in this genre that explores polyamorous relationships. Not only can the player initiate a polyamorous relationship, but there will be an option to join a couple as a dateable option.

Small Open-World Cityscape

Most games tend to have a cottagecore, forest aesthetic. Mangato will take place in a city where most buildings can be entered and serve a purpose for the gameplay. This offers a new environment experience to explore versus the same trees to chop, rocks to break etc.

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