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September Game Dev Report (2022)

We're still in a long pre-production period which I anticipate will last for the rest of the year. We got a little bit more work done this month.

Major Website Update We've updated the website to include both Pumpkin Interactive and Mangato information. We also changed the main domain name to , but the other domain addresses are still active and will point back to this one. Feel free to check out new information included about our upcoming game Mangato which includes gameplay plans, and unique features about the game. For Pumpkin Days we added links that direct to mods on Nexus as well as the fan wiki. For now, we are missing credit for the Pumpkin Days fanart as there is a lot and the URL for the artists need to be manually added again.

Plans for a slightly different character creator For the character creator in Mangato we'll be scaling back some things and adding some new things. One of the features we plan to add is selecting different hair pieces which can be mixed and matched to create even more hairstyles. The illustration above shows examples of possible different pieces for the bangs, back, and sides.

More icon art

More cute snack icons were created. Over 20 different flavors of Kitz chocolate.

Building out the city of Taiyokawa The city still looks really rough, but we're slowly building it up. We've started adding roads and are rearranging the buildings to fit better. It will take some time, but the goal of the city is to make it feel like it's crammed with many things. Next month, we plan to model more buildings to replace the placeholders. Thanks for checking out this monthly dev report!

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