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The Game Dev Journey Begins Again...

Welcome to the beginning of Mangato: Life in Taiyokawa. Now that the game finally has a title we can start sharing and keeping track of progress

Mangato: Life in Taiyokawa at a glance Mangato: Life In Taiyokawa, is a cozy manga-ka life sim in the fictional solarpunk city of Taiyokawa. Manage your comics as well as your own manga magazine studio. When you're not crunching on your manga or meeting production deadlines, take a break and explore an open-world city. Do various activities to improve your skills as well as interact with NPCs whom you can befriend or romance. - 3D game being made in UE5 - Rating: PG13 - Estimated release date is 2026 - Platform: Steam Inspiration for Mangato After finishing Pumpkin Days I knew I wanted to do another life sim game in the same vein as farming games. However, I already did my ideal farming game and after the success of Stardew Valley, there has been a flood of upcoming farming indie games. I'm not complaining however, the more the merrier, but my next project would need to be something different. After going through multiple concepts I settled on the idea of a manga-ka life sim game. The idea is to make a game that feels like a farming game, but with a different occupation. With Mangato I want to do the opposite of what other farming games do. Instead of the sleepy countryside, I'm taking this game to a busy bustling city. However, I still want the game to feel somewhat cozy and so we're exploring the genre of solarpunk.

"Solarpunk is a literary genre and art movement that envisions how the future might look if humanity succeeded in solving major contemporary challenges with an emphasis on sustainability, human impact on the environment, climate change, and pollution." It won't just be a utopia city with plants slapped on the side. I hesitate to call this game cozy as I do want to get into the punk parts of solar punk. Without spoilers, the player will have an opportunity to partake in a little bit of a rebellion alongside the main themes of the game. The core principles of this game I wish to accomplish are 1. Multiple things to do in the game to keep the player busy. 2. Introduce more people to the genre of solarpunk

3. Create something very different from other life sim games More information to come soon. Thank you for the support Twitter | Tik Tok | Discord | Ko-fi | Instagram | Twitch | Tumblr

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