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May 2022 Development Report

Here goes dev report number 1! Every month we will try to make a post summing up the things we have been working on. Some months will be slower than others, but that is just how game development goes!



One main thing Momo is proud of is that she has been in the engine is getting some shaders ready. Here is this cool grass texture, and yes that is all the shader not something casting a shadow. This gives the illusion of clouds passing or the grass blowing in the wind.

Momo has also been working on the shaders for the trees. As you can guess we're going to go with a very bright stylized cel-shaded look for the game. This will be critical as Momo does more shaders and textures for other things.

Last on the shaders list we have the water. This shader in particular drove Momo crazy because she is still new to all this stuff. She combined 2 tutorials to make this effect.



Last month Momo started working on the outdoor models in preparation to start working on the city. The current approach is creating different elements that she will put together later in the main map.

Moving forward: We are still making adjustments to the design doc while Momo changes her mind on some of the mechanics and original ideas.



Lastly for our report, icons! here are a few of the icons that Mo has been working on. We're probably going to have a lot of items, so we're getting a head-start on the icons early. (Pumpkin Days had upwards of 2000+ icons). We're starting with the food and snacks. The player can buy these to replenish their energy, get inspiration, and gift to NPCs.


That sums up the development for the month! We look forward to updating you all on the progress of Mangato: Life in Taiyokawa in the future.

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