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June Development Report (2022)

June has been a slow month of development in regards to things to show, but progress is still progress. We've worked on some new models with textures; pots of plants to place around the environment.

Then we have some new icons; some delicious animal donuts and other food. In Mangato NPCs will have not only favorite foods, but also favorite animals. Gifting animal-shaped foods will give extra hearts if gifted to NPCs who like them. So expect more of these cute treats. Drawn by Cute_mo_

We've also been working on some music for the game. We have the Spring song finished, but I'll share once more of the environment is worked on to see how everything matches together. Music is being produced by music composer Matthew Harnage We also have a bunch of models that are UVed and prepped to be textures. Like Pumpkin Days, Momo (myself) will be take care of most of the texture art. Goals for July
- New models of the city buildings - More foliage models for environment decor such as trees, vines, and flowers
- More food icons The plan is to build up a collection of assets, and then in September or October, before we start working on the level design. We're also getting a head start on icons as our previous game Pumpkin Days had so many inventory items, and we anticipate having quite a bit in Mangato as well. Thank you again for your support! ~Momo

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